Krautrock Bücher

Krautrock Books – The (almost) complete list

Warning: This text was translated from German with a little help from an AI buddy. Native speakers should therefore not be surprised by any wonky wording.

Every few years, I get very intensively involved with what I consider to be a music genre worth exploring. I then meticulously scour everything from YouTube and Spotify to Discogs and fan forums to Wikipedia and, of course, the good old book!

As I had already sporadically (and rather musically) dealt with the subject of Krautrock in the early noughties, I decided to delve as deeply as possible into the matter in about 2017. After I had downloaded a bad PDF copy of Julian Copes’ Krautrock sampler from some file-sharing site 10 years earlier (but never read it), I finally ruefully bought an original edition of the German version from remaining stocks directly from the publisher (Grüner Zweig) and started reading. Today I can say: the best introduction to the subject!

After stumbling from band to band, album to album and book to book, I eventually ended up with my little after-work project called “Creating a Krautrock map with countless bands and background information as an endless barrel without a bottom”. In the course of my research, I came across the estimated Jan Reetze and his text on Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, which ultimately led to the foundation of the Halvmall publishing house and our first joint publication Times & Sounds (by the way, the aforementioned map also made it into the book in a very condensed form … but the rest of the story will be published here soon). Nevertheless, my research journey through the book universe of cosmic music did not end here. It is amazing how many different books I have come across on the Krautrock era and its protagonists.

Here is an attempt at a complete list of all Krautrock books – regardless of language and quality (I have tried to avoid subjective comments). If you think something is missing or wrong, I would be grateful for a short info.

All books are sorted here chronologically from new to old according to the last (re)release (no eBooks, no CDs/DVDs or other digital media). The whole thing is divided into general books on Krautrock, band-related books and biographies, special lists on Kraftwerk, Can, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, a few novels and a small preview of upcoming releases.

2021-06-28 – Many thanks to François Grapard for sharing with me his extensive research on many further books!
2021-06-30 – Thanks to Lucilio Batini and Alfred Malejka for infos on the “Ersten Deutsch Rock Disco Graphie“.
2021-10-24 – Thanks again to François Grapard for more input and Wolfgang Reffert for the reference to the Lüül biography.

Krautrock in general

Times & Sounds

Germany’s Journey from Jazz and Pop to Krautrock and Beyond
(Reetze, Jan)

“The best book on German music. What makes it special is the way that the cultural and political fabric of Germany are woven into the story of the development of German music from the 1920s onwards. … Reetze’s knowledge, research and a wonderful writing style, laced with humour, make the 530 pages literally fly by.”
(Ian Shirley, Record Collector)

2020: Halvmall, Hardcover (536 p.), English (978-3-9822100-0-1)

Der Klang der Jahre

Der Sound der Jahre

Westdeutschlands Reise von Jazz und Schlager zu Krautrock und darüber hinaus — Ein Trip durch fünf Musikjahrzehnte
(Reetze, Jan)

The German and heavily revised and expanded version of Times & Sounds.

2022: Halvmall, Hardcover (536 p.), German (978-3-9822100-2-5)

Au-delà du Rock

La vague planante, électronique et expérimentale allemande des années soixante-dix
(Deshayes, Éric)

A kind of mini-encyclopedia of Krautrock with a long historical introduction, biographies of about forty bands, producers, sound engineers, a presentation of the most important labels and a last chapter on the influence of the German scene on the musical currents which followed it.

2007: Le Mot Et Le Reste, Softcover ( 444 p.), French (978-2915378382)
2021: Le Mot Et Le Reste, Softcover ( 432 p.), French (978-2361397951)

Future Sounds

Wie ein paar Krautrocker die Popwelt revolutionierten
(Dallach, Christoph)

Collection of interviews with well-known protagonists.

2021: Suhrkamp, Softcover (512 p.), German (978-3-518-46598-1)

Figli Delle Stelle

Uomini, idee e miti dietro la scena musicale alternativa tedesca dell’età dell’oro dal krautrock alla musica cosmica
(Fontana, Enrico)

2020: Arcana, Softcover (143 p.), Italian (978-8862319737)

Cosmic Price Guide

to original Krautrock records
(Klatte, Ulrich)

The ultimate price guide for vinyl collectors: countless cover illustrations, important background information and, after almost 20 years of further development, a standard work.

2003: Maus of Music, Softcover (180 p.), German/English (978-3980913706)
2005: CPG Books, Hardcover (304 p.), German/English (978-3981010909)
2008: CPG Books, Hardcover (448 p.), German/English (978-3981010923)
2018: CPG Books, Hardcover (448 p.), German/English (978-3981010947)

Future Days

Krautrock and the Birth of a Revolutionary New Music /
Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany
(Stubbs, David)

By the standards of the time, the most comprehensive and “serious” book on the subject.

2015: Melville House, Hardcover (512 p.), English (978-1612194745)
2018: Faber & Faber, Softcover (512 p.), English (978-0571346639)

Träume aus dem Untergrund

Als Beatfans, Hippies und Folkfreaks Baden-Württemberg aufmischten
(Wagner, Christoph)

Photo book about the southwest German music scene of the Krautrock era.

2017: Silberburg, Hardcover (180 p.), German (978-3842520394)

Wir müssen hier raus!

Krautrock, Free Beat, ­Reeducation
(Seidel, Wolfgang)

A kind of counter-narrative to the now common depictions of Krautrock by Wolfgang Seidel, founding member of Ton Steine Scherben.

2016: Ventil Verlag, Softcover (136 p.), German (978-3955750527)


German Music in the Seventies
(Adelt, Ulrich)

A comprehensive overview of the Krautrock scene.

2016: University of Michigan Press, Hardcover (237 p.), English (978-0472073191)
2016: University of Michigan Press, Softcover (237 p.), English (978-0472053193)

Der Klang der Revolte

Die magischen Jahre des westdeutschen Musik-Underground
(Wagner, Christoph)

Very well-founded introduction to the underground culture of the 60s and 70s in West Germany including numerous illustrations.

2013: Schott Music, Softcover (388 p.), German (978-3795708429)

Krautrock Transnational

Die Neuerfindung der Popmusik in der BRD, 1968-1978
(Simmeth, Alexander)

Detailed research with a high scientific approach.

2016: Transcript, Softcover (368 p.), German (978-3837634242)

Hudba, která si neříká Krautrock

(Ferenc, Petr)

The first treatise in Czech on the subject.

2012: Volvox Globator, Hardcover (440 p.), Czech (978-8072078608)


Der Zusammenhang zwischen Menschen, Maschinen und der Entstehung von Krautrock an ausgewählten Beispielen
(Kreier, Florian)

Student research project from the year 2010 in the subject area Musicology.

2011: GRIN, Softcover (24 p.), German (978-3640918119)


Cosmic Rock and its Legacy
(Davis, Erik; Faber, Michel; Keenan, David; Hollings, Ken)

Essays by various authors including numerous band profiles.

2009: Black Dog Publishing, Softcover (192 p.), English (978-1906155667)


Underground, LSD und kosmische Kuriere
(Dedekind, Henning)

This scene overview also covers smaller bands and labels, while larger and more important protagonists such as Klaus Schulze are partly left out.

2008: Hannibal, Softcover (300 p.), German (978-3854452768)

Cosmic Dreams at Play

Guide to German Progressive and Electronic Rock / A Comprehensive Guide to German progressive Rock of the 1970s
(Asbjornsen, Dag Erik)

Latently subjective Krautrock encyclopaedia from the 90s with a strong focus on jazz-rock.

1996: Borderline Productions, Softcover (237 p.), English (978-1899855018)
2008: Strange Vertigo, Softcover (300 p.), English (978-8890321108)


European Rock & the Second Culture
(Patterson, Archie)

Includes all the feature articles published by Eurock Magazine during its 30 years of existence (with a lot of krautrock content).

2007: Eurock, Softcover (716 p.), English (978-0972309806)

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik and Other Progressive, Experimental and Electronic Musics from Germany
(Freeman, Steven; Freeman, Alan)

Encyclopaedic listing of Krautrock bands. Was later re-released as an expanded CD-Rom edition.

1996: Audion Publications, Softcover (320 p.), English (978-0952950608)


One Head’s Guide to the Great Kosmische Music – 1968 Onwards /
One Head’s Guide to the Große Kosmische Musik /
Guida personale alla grande musica cosmica dal 1968 in poi /
Petit guide d’initiation à la grande komische muzik
(Cope, Julian)

The kick-off for the contemporary historical reappraisal of Krautrock and the first real book on the subject. Despite some errors in content and the writing style from a fan’s perspective (though very entertaining), it is still considered a standard work and reference for subsequent books.

1995: Head Heritage, Softcover (140 p.), English (978-0952671916)
1996: Head Heritage, Softcover (144 p.), English (978-3925817861)
1996: Der Grüne Zweig, Softcover (176 p.), German (978-3925817861)
2004: Kargo & L’Éclat, Softcover (168 p.), French (978-2841620791)
2006: Lain, Softcover (206 p.), Italian (978-8876250156)
2008: Kargo & L’Éclat, Softcover (216 p.), French (978-2841621682)

Minimal, Trance Music e Elettronica Incolta

(Cappelli, Gaetano; Cappelli, Tomangelo)

Features bands like Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Kraftwerk, Cluster, etc.

1982: Sconcerto, Softcover (175 p.), Italian

Die erste Deutsch Rock Disko Graphie

(Ahrens, Werner)

Very rare self-produced booklet in a mini-edition of 100 copies (more info in german can be found here).

1980: Selfpublished, Booklet (120 p.), German
198? (Re-Issue): Selfpublished, Booklet (120 p.), German

Rock in Deutschland

Lexikon deutscher Rockgruppen und Interpreten
(Ehnert, Günther)

The first rock encyclopedia with exclusively German artists.

1975: Taurus Press, Softcover (240 p.), German (978-3980007962)
1979: Taurus Press, Softcover (289 p.), German (978-3980007962)
1984: Taurus Press, Softcover (434 p.), German (978-3980007962)

Mani Neumeier und der Guru Guru Groove

Ein Portrait
(Wehler, Thomas)

Portrait about the legendary Guru Guru drummer.

2021: Song Bücherei, Hardcover (206 p.), German (978-3-923445-50-9)

Ax Genrich

Ein Leben zwischen Skiffle und Krautrock
(Genrich, Ax)

Biography of the former Guru Guru guitarist.

2020: Schreibstark, Softcover (274 p.), German (978-3946922629)

Achim Reichel

Ich hab das Paradies gesehen: Mein Leben
(Reichel, Achim)

Biography of rock veteran Achim Reichel (The Rattles, A.R. and Machines, etc.) .

2020: Rowohlt, Hardcover (416 p.), German (978-3498001780)


Stretch Out Time 1970-1975
(Wilson, Andy)

Very passionate biography of the “Wümme years” from a fan’s perspective.

2006: Self-published, Softcover (232 p.), English (978-0955066450)
2020: Self-published, Softcover (228 p.), English (979-8568435587)


Das Buch / The Book
(Roedelius, Hans-Joachim)

Self-published biography by Roedelius.

2018: Self-published, Softcover (448 p.), German (978-3964432445)
2020: Curious Music, Softcover (469 p.), English (978-0578638959)

Deep Distance

The Musical Life of Manuel Göttsching
(Wheeldon, Christian)

Chronologically narrated biography based on the complete discography of Manuel Göttsching.

2015: Waveform Publishing, Softcover (160 p.), English (978-1910693247)

Amon Düül II

and the birth of Krautrock
(Petterson, Tobias)

Band biography with focus on the early creative years.

2013: Tamara Press, Hardcover (160 p.), English (978-9163739545)

Die Band Ton Steine Scherben

Subpolitiker einer Gegenkultur?
(Kreier, Florian Tobias)

Master’s thesis from the year 2011 in the field of sociology.

2012: Diplomica Verlag, Softcover (152 p.), German (978-3842880917)

Eberhard Schoener

Grenzen gibt es nicht
(Schoener, Stefanie)

Biography of Eberhard Schoener, written by his wife Stefanie Schoener.

2009: Langen-Müller, Hardcover (288 p.), German (978-3784432373)


Ein Musikerleben zwischen Agitation Free, Ashra, der Neuen Deutschen Welle und den 17 Hippies / Und ich folge meiner Spur …
(Ulbrich, Lutz)

2006: Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Hardcover (409 p.), German (978-3896026965)
2014: WunderbarMedia Publishing, Softcover (399 p.), German (978-3000454387)

Klartext/Voll daneben / Sax oder nie!

Die Bekenntnisse des Johnny Controletti
(Kübler, Olaf; Augustin, Gerhard)

Autobiography by jazz saxophonist and ex-Amon Düül manager Olaf Kübler. The book was later republished under the name “Sax oder Nie!” in a modified form (and without the part by co-author Gerhard Augustin).

1996: Humbach & Nemazal, Softcover (194 p.), German (978-3980552127)
2007: Panama Publications, Hardcover (297 p.), German (978-3936732030)

Der Pate des Krautrock

(Augustin, Gerhard)

Anecdotal biography by Gerhard Augustin.

2005: Bosworth, Softcover (397 p.), German (978-3865430502)

Painting with Sound

The Life and Music of Hans-Joachim Roedelius
(Iliffe, Stephen)

A rather brief biography of Roedelius.

2003: Meridian Music Guides, Softcover (120 p.), English (978-3964432445)


The Conrad Schnitzler Biography & Discography
(Sonnemann, Rolf/Stöferle, Peter)

Complete catalog of works 1970-1994.

1994: Sounds from Germany, Softcover (147 p.), English

Tanz der Lemminge

Amon Düül – eine Musikkommune in der Protestbewegung der 60er Jahre
(Schober, Ingeborg)

The ultimate Düül biography to date – published a few years after the band’s main creative phase and written by companion Ingeborg Schober.

1979: Rowohlt, Softcover (261 p.), German (978-3499172601)
1994: Sonnentanz, Softcover (268 p.), German (978-3926794208)


永遠の未来派 / Eternal Futurism

カン大全 / The Complete Can Compendium
(Matsuyama, Shinya)

A Can Compendium – the first publication of its kind in Japanese.

2020: Ele-King Books, Softcover (240 p.), Japanese (978-4-909483-74-4)

Jaki Liebezeit

The Life, Theory and Practice of a Master Drummer
(Podmore, Jono)

Publication of Liebezeit’s practical theory of drumming, based on the natural principles of movement he observed during his lifelong research in the discipline.

2020: Unbound, Softcover (320 p.), English (978-1783527816)

Jaki Notes

Hommage an/Homage to Jaki Liebezeit
(Tsangaris, Manos)

A homage as a collection of quotations by Liebezeit’s musical companion Manos Tsangaris.

2019: Alexander, Softcover (144 p.), German/English (978-3895814952)

I am Damo Suzuki

(Suzuki, Damo; Woods, Paul)

Biography including many interviews with companions and Damo Suzuki’s own texts.

2019: Omnibus Press, Softcover (391 p.), English (978-1783059713)
2021: Omnibus Press (Special Edition), Hardcover (400 p.), English (978-1787602137)

All Gates Open

The Story of Can
(Young, Rob; Schmidt, Irmin)

Two books in one: “All Gates Open” is a very extensive and detailed biography of Rob Young. The second part “Can Kiosk” is a collection of interviews and text fragments by Irmin Schmidt with artist friends.

2018: Faber & Faber, Hardcover (572 p.), English (978-0571311491)
2019: Faber & Faber, Softcover (592 p.), English (978-0571311521)


Complete Recordings Illustrated
(Sparke, A P)

Complete overview of the Can discography.

2018: APS Publications, Softcover (51 p.), English (978-1912309733)

Can: El milagro alemán

O cómo se vivió el krautrock en España
(Gonzalo, Jaime)

The first band biography in Spanish with interesting insights into the Franco years and the influence of censorship on the Spanish record industry.

2018: Libros Crudos, Softcover (192 p.), Spanish (978-84-09-03180-1)

Can’s Tago Mago

33 1/3, #101
(Warner, Alan)

Book with a lot of background information on the making of the album Tago Mago (whereby the author’s personal autobiography takes up a lot of space).

2015: Bloomsbury Academic, Softcover (152 p.), English (978-1628921083)


(Deshayes, Éric)

2013: Le mot et le Reste, Softcover (181 p.), French (978-2360541027)


Hommage à Can
(Tannert, Christoph)

Catalogue (incl. CD) for a group show at the Stuttgart gallery ABTART (and subsequently at Künstlerhaus Bethanien).

2011: Modo, Softcover (168 p.), German/English (978-3868330939)

Future Days

The Can Story
(Bussy, Pascal; Fish, Mick)

Unfortunately, it is unclear to me at this point whether this is just an alternative version of the “Can Book” by Pascal Bussy and Andy Hall!?!!

2003: SAF Publishing, Softcover (224 p.), English (978-0946719532)
2005: SAF Publishing, Softcover (224 p.), English (978-0946719532)
2008: SAF Publishing, Softcover (224 p.), English (978-0946719532)
2010: SAF Publishing, Softcover (224 p.), English (978-0946719532)

Czukay, Liebezeit, Schmidt: CAN

(Zahn, Robert)

Interviews with the band members, published in the edition series “Energien/Synergien” by the Kunststiftung NRW.

2006: DuMont, Softcover (80 p.), German (978-3-936655-86-5)

Can Box: Book

(Schmidt, Hildegard; Kampmann, Wolf)

Part of a box set including two CDs and a VHS video.

1998: Medium Music Books, Softcover (478 p.), English/German/French (978-3933642011)

The Can Book / Das Can Buch

(Pascal, Bussy; Andy, Hall)

Considered by fans to be the standard work and the best book on the band to date.

1986: Tago Mago, Softcover (73 p.), English
1989: SAF Publishing, Softcover (192 p.), English (978-0946719051)
1998: Sonnentanz, Softcover (160 p.), German (978-3926794079)


Kraftwerk: 50 Years

The Ultimate Critical Discography
(Jenkins, Mark)

Reviews, photos, interviews, concert listings, etc.

2020: ZyXyZ, Softcover (170 p.), English


Il suono dell’uomo-macchina. Una forma ben organizzata d’anarchia.
(Lunati, Gabriele)

The first (not translated) biography in Italian.

2005: Stampa Alternativa, Softcover (189 p.), Italian (978-8872268650)
2020: Stampa Alternativa, Softcover (190 p.), Italian (978-8862226639)

Ein Tribut an Kraftwerk

Der Bildband
(Koch, Tim)

Illustrated book with mainly photos of live performances of the band.

2020: 27amigos, Softcover (80 p.), German (978-3750501393)

Mensch – Maschinen – Musik

Das Gesamtkunstwerk Kraftwerk
(Schütte, Uwe)

Book of essays with texts by 22 authors.

2018: C.W. Leske Verlag, Hardcover (368 p.), German (978-3946595014)
2021: C.W. Leske Verlag, Softcover (376 p.), German (978-3946595113)

Der Klang der Maschine

(Bartos, Karl)

Extensive biography of the ex Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos.

2017: Eichborn, Hardcover (640 p.), German (978-3847906179)


Ich war ein Roboter – Meine Zeit als Drummer bei Kraftwerk / I Was A Robot / J’étais un robot / Yo fui un robot / Io ero un robot
(Flür, Wolfgang)

Biography of Wolfgang Flür focusing on his Kraftwerk years as the band’s drummer.

1999: Hannibal, Softcover, German (978-3854451730)
2001: Shinko Music, Softcover, Japanese (4-401-61678-2)
2003: Camion Blanc, Softcover (415 p.), French (978-2910196318)
2004: ShaKe, Softcover (255 p.), Italian (978-8888865096)
2004: Egmont Vgs, Softcover, English (978-3802529269)
2005: Sanctuary Publishing, Softcover (366 p.), English (978-1860746437)
2011: Milenio Publicaciones S.L., Softcover (328 p.), Spanish (978-8497434485)
2017: Music Sales Limited, Softcover (432 p.), English (978-1785585807)


Future Music from Germany
(Schütte, Uwe)

Very analytical Kraftwerk biography.

2020: Penguin, Softcover (336 p.), English (978-0141986753)

Kraftwerk Publikation

A Biography / Die unautorisierte Biografie / Una Biografia / A Biografia
(Buckley, David)

At the time of first publication probably the most complete work on the band (incl. foreword by Karl Bartos).

2012: Omnibus Press, Hardcover (352 p.), English (978-1847729316)
2013: Metrolit, Hardcover (400 p.), German (978-3849303051)
2013: Shinko Music, Hardcover, Japanese (978-4401638390)
2015: Omnibus Press (Updated Edition), Softcover (360 p.), English (978-1783059942)
2015: Seoman, Softcover (368 p.), Brazilian Portuguese (978-8555030246)
2016: Universale Arcana, Softcover (352 p.), Italian (978-8862318976)


Die Mythenmaschine
(Matejovski, Dirk)

Anthology with texts by twelve authors based on the symposium that took place parallel to the exhibition “Der Katalog” in Düsseldorf.

2016: Düsseldorf University Press Dup, Softcover (238 p.), German (978-3943460810)

Influenser refernser och plagiat / Influences References and limitations

Om Kraftwerks estetik / On the aesthetics of Kraftwerk
(Eriksson, Kajsa G.)

Exhibition catalogue.

2015: Röhsska museet, Softcover (190 p.), Swedish/English (978-9187039096)


(Deshayes, Éric)

2014: Le mot et le Reste, Softcover (184 p.), French (978-2360541416)


Elektronische Musik aus Düsseldorf
(Esch, Rudi)

Strictly speaking, not a pure Kraftwerk book. But how can you make a book about electronic music from Düsseldorf without Kraftwerk taking up a large part of it?

2014: Suhrkamp, Softcover (459 p.), German (978-3518464649)

Die Geschichte der Band “Kraftwerk”

Von den Anfängen im Krautrock zur Erfindung der elektronischen Popmusik
(Calay, Dario)

Student research project from the year 2011 in the subject area Musicology.

2013: GRIN, Softcover (28 p.), German (978-3656364986)

Kraftwerk 45RPM

(Mott, Toby)

Exhibition catalogue, published on the occasion of the exhibition of Kraftwerk singles from the Mott Collection.

2012: Vinyl Factory, Softcover (108 p.), English (978-0-9573914-0-6)


(Hütter, Ralf)

2011: Klingklang Konsumprodukt, Hardcover (96 p.), German (978-3000357961)


Music Non-Stop
(Albiez, Sean; Pattie, David)

Collection of essays by various authors.

2010: Continuum, Hardcover (256 p.), English (978-1441165077)
2010: Continuum, Softcover (256 p.), English (978-1441191366)

Kraftwerk Songbook


Songbook arranged for piano, vocals and guitar. With many photos and illustrations.

2009: Bosworth, Softcover (88 p.), German/English (978-3865433046)

Kraftwerk / Neonlicht

Le mystère des hommes-machines / Man, Machine and Music / Mensch, Maschine und Musik / Synthesizer, Sounds und Samples: die ungewöhnliche Karriere einer deutschen Band / クラフトワーク―「マン・マシーン」とミュージック / Die Kraftwerk Story
(Bussy, Pascal)

At the time of publication, the first comprehensive biography of the band, but controversial in fan circles.

1993: SAF Publishing, Softcover (192 p.), English (978-0946719099)
1994: Suiseisha (水声社), Hardcover (278 p.), Japanese (978-4891762971)
1995: Piper, Softcover (255 p.), German (978-3492184083)
1996: Camion Blanc, Softcover, French (978-2910196097)
1997: SAF Publishing, Softcover (200 p.), English (978-0946719099)
1999: SAF Publishing, Softcover (200 p.), English (978-0946719099)
2000: SAF Publishing, Softcover (200 p.), English (978-0946719099)
2001: SAF Publishing, Softcover (192 p.), English (978-0946719389)
2002: SAF Publishing, Softcover (192 p.), English (978-0946719389)
2004: SAF Publishing, Softcover (222 p.), English (978-0946719709)
2005: Bosworth, Softcover (208 p.), German (978-3865430373)
2006: Bosworth, Softcover (208 p.), German (978-3865432612)


The Music Makers
(Koch, Albert)

Biography and discography.

2002: Hannibal, Softcover (220 p.), German (978-3854452133)
2005: Hannibal, Softcover (220 S.), German (978-3854452133)

A Short Introduction To Kraftwerk

(Neri, Vanni; Campani, Giorgio)

Booklet in English and Italian: history, interviews, discography plus bootleg CD with 7 tracks.

2000: Stampa Alternativa, Softcover (81 p.), English/Italian (978-8872265734)


From Düsseldorf to the Future (with Love)
(Barr, Tim)

After Pascal Bussy, the second attempt at a complete Kraftwerk biography at the time.

1999: Random House, Softcover (256 p.), English (978-0091864903)

Die Diskographie von Kraftwerk

(Matsumoto, Hiroshi)

Very rare discography booklet as a pure listing of releases.

1995: Usagi-ya, Softcover (40 p.), Japanese/English

Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze: 50 Years

The Ultimate Critical Discography
(Jenkins, Mark)

Reviews, Fotos, Interviews, etc.

2020: ZyXyZ, Softcover (157 p.), English

Violinen wachsen nicht auf Bäumen / Violins don’t grow on trees

Leben und Werk von Klaus Schulze / The Life and Work of Klaus Schulze
(Lux, Olaf)

Klaus Schulze biography, which was self-published.

2020: Self-published, Hardcover (540 p.), German (2000043099496)
2020: Self-published, Hardcover (450 p.), English (2000043321528)

Klaus Schulze

Electronic Music Legend
(Allen, Greg)

2008: Trafford Publishing, Softcover (318 p.), English (978-1425160500)

Klaus Schulze

Un saut dans l’inconnu
(Roux, Dominique)

2002: Livre est épuisée, Softcover (153 p.), French
2008: Cosmiccagibi, Softcover (153 p.), French

Klaus Schulze

Eine musikalische Gratwanderung
(Leitner, Olaf/Layer, Wolfgang/Aigner, Markus/Müller, Klaus/Schwinn, Michael)

1986: Buchverlag Michael Schwinn, Softcover (192 p.), German (978-3925077043)

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream in the 1970s

(Palmer, Stephen)

The book covers the 70s decade, focusing on the music but also telling the group’s tale.

2021: Sonicbond Publishing, Softcover (160 p.), English (978-1789521610)

Tangerine Dream

Itinerary – The Concert Memorabilia 1970-2014
(Duke, Brad)

Images of Tangerine Dream’s posters, flyers, tickets, passes, programs, invitations, contracts, stage plots, spreadsheets, memos, itineraries, telexes, receipts, press releases, etc.

2020: Eastgate Music & Arts, Hardcover (452 p.), English (978-3982051338)

Tangerine Dream: 50 Years

The Ultimate Critical Discography
(Jenkins, Mark)

Reviews, Fotos, Interviews, etc.

2020: ZyXyZ, Softcover (218 p.), English

Tangerine Dream

Pilots of Purple Twilight (The Virgin Recordings 1980-1983)
(Bessels, Wouter)

Only available in the 10 CD box set.

2020: Virgin Records, Hardcover (72 p.), English

Tangerine Dream

In Search Of Hades (The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979)
(Bessels, Wouter)

Only available in the 16 CD box set.

2019: Virgin Records, Hardcover (72 p.), English

Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure

Die Autobiografie / The Autobiography
(Froese, Edgar)

Very comprehensive TD biography in large format by mastermind Edgar Froese (expanded shortly after his death by his wife with textual obituaries from around the band).

2017: Eastgate Music & Arts, Hardcover (394 p.), German (978-3-00-056524-3)
2017: Eastgate Music & Arts, Hardcover (402 p.), English (978-3-00-056525-0)
2020: Astral Horizon Press, Hardcover/Large print Edition (382 p.), English (978-3000565250)

Mysterious Semblance

A Tangerine Dream Chronology
(Plumer, Scott)

1997: Self-published, Softcover (96 p.), English

30 Years of Dreaming

Tangerine Dream 1967-1997
(Borrefjaell Esklidsen, Kent)

Re-Issued 1999 as a PDF/Word File

1997: Self-published, Softcover, English

Voices in the Dunes

The Tangerine Dream Worldwide Discography
(Sonnemann, Rolf/Stöferle, Peter/Hargreaves, Matt)

1991: Self-published, Softcover (464 p.), English
1991: Self-published, Hardcover (Limited Edition 100 ex, Signed by the Authors, 464 p.), English

The Dream Lives On!

The Unofficial Collector’s Guide to the Music of Tangerine Dream
(Michaels, Alan Vincent)

1990: Self-published, Softcover, English



Ein Krautrock-Krimi
(Rehren, Cord)

Here we meet, among others, the band “Kasbah Temple”, the LSD apostle Dr. Simon Leachy, Lalle Goltermann, the Sternenmädchen, and her soulmate Claus Ulrich Törner, the visionary label boss and organiser of the first German rock festival.

2020: Neopubli, Softcover (155 p.), German (978-3753126258)

Trips & Träume

Ein Roman über die wilden Krautrockjahre
(Fischer, Klaus)

Trips & Träume tells the story of a youth in early seventies Germany.

2008: Books on Demand, Softcover (352 p.), German (978-3837031836)

Coming soon

Computer World

(Tupai Francis, Steve)

May 2022: Bloomsbury, Softcover (152 p.), English (978-1501378980)