MF DOOM Infographic Print

ALL CAPS when you spell the man name:

MF DOOM Infographic Print

The ultimate poster for all DOOM heads. Extra-large XXL graphic chart, artfully crafted and packed with intricately gathered data.

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“There’s four sides to every story”
(Viktor Vaughn)

The life of Daniel Dumile in one chart:

  • Evolution of the mask: DOOM’s mask through the ages.
  • Most reissued albums: Unveiling classics anew.
  • Most record label releases
  • The many faces of DOOM: Complete Discographies of MF DOOM, Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers, and Viktor Vaughn.
  • Crews and projects: An overview of all bands and collaborations from KMD to Danger DOOM and Madvillain to NehruvianDOOM.
  • Output over the years: The most important stages of Dumile’s life and an index of all DOOM releases.
  • Solo albums comparison
  • Features and collaborations: All the names!

Hip Hop History for your Wall

Countless alter egos, projects, features and releases. MF DOOM’s creative phase spans over 30 years and is sometimes quite confusing even for fans. So it’s worthwhile to tidy up the whole thing. Countless hours of work have now been visualized in an infographic:

  • XXL Format (420 x 1190 mm)
  • Brilliant colors
  • All infos in English
  • Heavyweight graphic paper (250 g/m2)
  • Limited Edition (250 copies)
  • Hand-numbered and signed
  • Designed and printed in Germany
  • Optionally with poster strips made of real wood

About the Designer

Thorsten Breyer is a freelance graphic designer and publisher from Bremen, Germany. In addition to graphics and books, he cultivates his obsessive compulsion for music and infographics, which has now been allowed to unleash itself in this poster.

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