Jan Reetze: Times & Sounds – Germany’s Journey from Jazz and Pop to Krautrock and Beyond (Hardcover Version)

Times & Sounds Out Now!

You have to put it this way: 2020 was a shitty year!

Despite small delays (Corona), a lot of sweat (especially at night) and even more tears (Amazon, we won’t become friends), it’s finally done: Our small but fine independent publishing house is starting. It’s still quite manageable here, but soon the product page here will be expanded with more books and other stuff from the world of music, art and (sub)culture. Until then we are happy about our first release of Jan Reetze: Times & Sounds – the ultimate work for all the fans of crazy music from Germany!

And finaly this also has to be said in 2020: we are looking forward to what’s still to come!